Friday, January 27, 2012

Hiatus Officially Over...


So, I took a short break from the blogging world...short being about three months...And I don't really have any excuse because last semester was the first semester I haven't worked while I've been here at BYU, so I probably had the most free-time I've ever had during my college career.  I don't know what happened.  My apologies to the few of you who read this...on a more positive note, though...I'm back!  At least for today.  I am sitting in the library across from my roommate and I was in the middle of reading Saussure's deeply philosophical argument about the meaning (or lack thereof) of words and letters in the world today.  But...I got distracted, and now I want to blog.  :)

I was driving the other day in the rain and I realized that one of the best feelings in the world is having suffered through three unbearable months of dysfunctional windshield wipers that leave your window looking like this once they've tried to do their job..

Then driving after you've changed them (or had someone more experienced with car dysfunctions change them for you) and realizing the clarity your life has been missing!

....Okay, so I didn't literally drive by a field of sunflowers seeing as it was a rainy day and I was in Provo, but having a streak free windshield all because of my new wipers honestly felt like a little ray of much-needed sunshine in the midst of this dreary Utah weather :)

Kind of an anticlimactic blog post seeing as it's been 3-months, but hey, it's the little things, right? ;)