Friday, February 3, 2012


So...the title of this blog auto-corrected to "Sores!" which #1, is gross, and #2 reminded me of the street name Sores and Boils Alley--anyone catch the reference? ;)

Anyway, I promise my life consists of more important things than new windshield wipers and s'mores, but I just can't bring myself to catch the blogging world up to the detailed happenings of my life right now.  I promise that some day in the near future, I will provide an explanation for my ridiculously long absence from writing ;).  Unfortunately for is not that day.  Today you get to read about the college version of s'mores!  (I put exclamation points to hopefully get you excited about a less-than-exciting's a rhetorical strategy, don't worry about it.)

So a few weeks ago, Annie, Russ, Dave, and I went down to Moab to camp and climb some rocks and things (nbd), and we bought an excessive amount of marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers for s'mores.  You have to have s'mores if you're going to have a fire, right?  And believe me, we were going to have a fire in 12 degree weather...So once the trip ended (don't worry, I'll write a full blog about the trip itself was full of exciting adventures and slight mishaps), I ended up taking the left-over s'more ingredients and storing them in my apartment.  This was a bad idea.

For about 3 weeks now I have pretty much had a s'more at least 3 times a week.  "How?", you may ask, realizing that it's completely ridiculous to assume I have a full-fledged campfire every time I want a s'more.
Electric stoves!!
I must admit I'm guilty of hating on these old electric stoves when I'm trying to cook something carefully and can't control the temperature nearly as well as a gas-stove could, but for s'mores, they're amazing!  They work just as well as coals--without the smoky taste!

I don't know why I've enjoyed these s'mores so much...whether it's because they remind me of camping--something I love to do, despite popular belief--or simply because their chocolatey-marshmallowy goodness is the epitome of comfort food, but I've been really grateful for these little s'more moments I get to have after long days at work and school the past couple weeks :)