Monday, December 10, 2012

Crazy Weeks and Lazy Mondays...

Well, it's been a couple of crazy weeks around here.  It began with me officially submitting my Grad School App.  I realize that most of my friends scoff at my agonizing over one application to one school, but I don't think I've explained the situation.  BYU is one of the top programs (if not the top) in the nation for Marriage and Family Therapy.  And while I feel personally qualified, I'm not sure my application quite speaks for itself.  I would apply to other programs, but Dave is finishing his PhD here and...we just bought a house.  So we're kinda stuck here.  So if I don't get accepted this time around I will most likely apply again next year after strengthening my application.  So there's that.

Annie's Bridal Shower was at our house the next day.  It was a ton of work, and I'm pretty sure I need to learn the skill of delegating before I kill myself off someday.  Anyway, it was a blast, and I think Annie had fun.  The food turned out great and there were lots of girls there.  It is so excited that Annie's going to be married in just 5 days!!!  I'm so excited for her :)  Here are a few pictures from the shower :)
Lemonade, No-Bakes, Oreo Truffles, and Cupcakes!
Chicken Salad Croissant Sandwiches, Vegetable Platter, Chips and Guac and Salsa, Artichoke Dip and Crackers! Yum!

Thanks for the help guys!

The Lovely Photographer...And Dave's decorations ;)

So, after we survived the shower, Lysa (Dave's sister) came to visit from Rexburg!  It was a blast, except for the whole sleeping for 2 hours after the shower...We went to in-n-out for dinner.  (She has personally endeared herself to me forever for that)  And then watched some climbing videos Dave was dying to see.  We got to spend some quality time talking with her which is a rare thing living so far apart so it was great to have her here :)
The next day was church!  I love church :)  You know why?  Because I get to teach the 8-11 year olds Singing Time in Primary!!  At first, I was super intimidated, but now it's a blast.  They are so cute and full of love.  They wave to me in the halls and the parking lot now and just come up to me to hug me.  It's adorable.  What better place to feel loved and included in a ward, right?  There's too much to say about the primary, so that needs to be it's own post, but it's been a big change in my life lately.  Now my mind is constantly full of new ideas for teaching songs, and humming primary tunes in my mind trying to memorize words.

Then it was my birthday on Tuesday, and Dave was so sweet and threw a surprise party for me with my family and some of my close friends!  We'll pretend I had no idea what was going on ;)  Thanks babe!  You're the best :)

Brownies and Trick Candles!!  So mean...

Probably my favorite part...obsessed with this girl :)  (No offense to everyone else who came ;)

Super awesome jacket that Dave got me!!  It's seriously the best. So light, but soo warm. Meant for climbers, so it fits phenomenally well.  And I'm actually wearing it right now!

Haven't seen these people in like forever, but they still came! I was so touched :)
So those are the main happenings of the Rackham household lately.  Stay tuned for a report on our ridiculously insane holiday plans!

P.S.  In other cool news, I changed my name officially finally, Dave aced his first final today, I have been in pajamas all day sleeping studying ;).  Dave got new ice tools, the primary kids finally learned "Stars were Gleaming" without visual aids, and it's snowing!!  Happy days :)