Thursday, August 9, 2012

The start of the best summer ever. Literally.

So, I am actually journaling (go me!), but I still want a place to sorta combine my pictures and my writing, so I thought I would try to start a severely summarized post with what I've been up to the last 4 months.  So...this is going to be insanely long probably and no one is being forced to feel free not to :)

I started the summer at home living with my parents, working full time with my Dad, and helping my mom plan the wedding.  I say helping because she most definitely deserves the majority of the credit for pulling it all together as I was at work all day and the only thing I'd want to do at night was skype Dave.  This was really rough.  I guess I just underestimated how exhausted working full-time would make me as well as the stress of making a thousand different decisions and trying to keep everyone happy with my vision of the upcoming wedding.  Without Dave there to help keep me calm and provide an outlet from it all, I started to really miss him.  Not to mention he was in Provo working full-time, starting a Phd program, and getting overwhelmed with the details of starting a marriage without me (you we're going to afford food, basic necessities, shelter, etc.).

Oh, I forgot to mention, I was living at home so I could save up for my upcoming study abroad to London!  Why was I studying abroad while I was engaged, you ask?  Well...I had wanted to study abroad just because it's what every girl does at BYU, right?  And my parents offered to help me pay for it, so I was most definitely going to take advantage of that.  I applied, interviewed, and was accepted before Dave proposed, but we still decided I should go once we knew the date of our wedding (6 days after returning home from London...).  One of my most favorite professors was one of the directors so I was thrilled to be taking a literature class from him while simultaneously visiting the sites these great works were inspired by.

So summer came to an end and I got to spend a week in Utah with Dave before I left.  We took engagements and bridals and I got really sad that I wasn't going to see him for another 2 months.  But we parted, and Dave went back to work in Provo and I headed off to London!  He was an angel for being so selfless and continuing to slave away while I started my adventures over here.

So I was going to continue on to London, but maybe I'll split this into two posts...yeah I'm going to split it.  So maybe I'll come back later and post bridals or something to spice this post up a bit...we'll see.