About Dave and Erin

August 17, 2012, Newport Beach Temple
My name is Erin, thanks for reading! This is one of those blogs that's really not meant to be popular. I just write when I feel like it--whether it's because I need to, want to, or feel like updating the world on my life. I'm a graduate from Brigham Young University with a bachelor's degree in English. I love all things literature and I love to read and think. Writing isn't my favorite, I'll admit, but I still think it's good to write recreationally once in a while to make sure I don't attach writing only to mandatory assignments and start to hate it. I was recently married to my husband, Dave, and I still feel like a newlywed getting the hang of things.  I'll be starting a Marriage and Family Therapy Master's program in the fall here at BYU and I am incredibly excited to start that journey!

I love music--singing, piano, flute, and conducting--but I'm not a music major or anything. I love to sing and play in my spare time. I also have recently picked up cooking and sewing (a little) after taking beginning classes at BYU. I figured I better leave BYU with at least some homemaking skills before I graduated and lost my chance.

Dave graduated from BYU as well, with a degree in Psychology.  He started a PhD program this year at BYU in Instructional Psychology and Technology and he's loving it. Since about 99 out of every 100 people we tell his program name to responds with a slightly glazed look in their eyes, I'll go ahead and explain it for you. His program is all about researching which methods of technology are effective tools for learning. He could apply what he learns to the education system, the workplace, or online learning. We're not sure which direction he wants to go yet, but I'll keep you posted.

Dave also works full time at the Missionary Training Center here in Provo in their development department working on developing new curriculum for incoming missionaries.  He loves that his job enables him to apply what he learns in school to his work every day. In addition to school and work, Dave's passion is the mountains. He loves to rock climb--ice climb in particular--and mountaineer. He wishes he had more time to get out and do it, but if you asked Dave any day of the week where he'd want to be, he'd no doubt reply with some mountain he's been dreaming about for the past week.
We live in a little house here in Provo that we were able to purchase through a few miracles last summer.  We're in a family ward sticking out like sore thumbs with no children accompanying us to church on Sundays, but we love it.  I help organize the music in our ward and Dave holds a calling in the Elder's quorum presidency. We love serving in the ward and wish our lives weren't so crazy so we could be a little more social (although, most of the social activities here revolve around play dates and seeing as those are a no-go for us it'll be interesting to see how things pan out).

I think that's pretty much us. Life is about to get crazier come Fall when we'll both be in grad school, but somehow, it's been manageable so far, and we know the Lord will continue to bless us and help us along the way!

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  1. Love this Erin. Pretty much sums it up for the moment.:)