Our Wedding

They say a picture's worth a thousand words.  In that case, this page must be worth about...55,000 words.  Plus all the words I'm adding to it ;)

Coming out of the Newport Beach Temple after being sealed for time and all eternity 

Penrod family tradition!
Pictures outside the temple.  It was so hot!

The Rackhams with their newest member!

Rackham family tradition...?

We told Dave to strike a pose...this is what he came up with.  Aren't I lucky? 
As romantic as this looks...we were about ready to dive in to
cool off in that hot summer heat!
I sure missed my ring when I was in
 London with a fake one.  It's beautiful :)

After the temple, we had lunch and a break before the reception.  Our
reception was held at this beautiful courtyard that evening.

Such handsome groomsmen!

And I couldn't have asked for more beautiful bridesmaids and
best friends :)

This is me being excited about someone specific making their
way over to our line.  Lots of couples don't do lines anymore
because they feel like it just goes on forever and ever, and maybe
ours did, but this was by far my favorite part of the day :)
(besides the actual ceremony, of course)

Our beautiful reception venue--complete with a fountain :) 

***Let the photo dump commence***

Finding each other around the leg of a cute gazebo at the courtyard.
Beautiful fruit display--perfect for the summer!

Fresh Caesar Salad.

I love lemonade, so we made sure we had that :)

Our main course was a pasta bar which was the coolest! Our caterers asked what you wanted in your pasta and then cooked it in their pans and made it right in front of you.  

The finished product!
(This is a shrimp, bowtie, fetuccini, with sun-dried tomatoes pasta and it was delicious!)

At first, the cake was very classic, white, and plain, but after more
 looking for inspiration we decided to be a bit more creative with it.
I loved it!!

This was taken right at the beginning of the reception, so it
looks like no one was there, which wasn't true, but I liked the
entire view of the venue here (minus the food).
Beautiful centerpieces :)

My mom always does the desserts for our weddings and she didn't want to do it this time, but I begged her to, so she did her usual, beautiful display and treats.  
I think I had like 6 of these mini-chocolate
cupcakes because they were so delicious!

From left to right we have macaroons, the
best sugar cookies in the world, banana
cupcakes, cream puffs, and cherry chip
cupcakes. (cherry chip is my favorite

Mom's classic chocolate-covered
strawberries--drizzled with white
chocolate, dipped in toffee bits, and
dipped in mini chocolate chips!

Notice the adorable card box in the center left of the photo :)
Love the gazebo :)
Here you can see that people were actually there, I promise.  It was so beautiful at night with all the lights on :)

Some of my best friends from high school.  I was so touched
that so many were able to attend!

I just wanted a picture of my hair because
I worked hard to figure out how I wanted
it to look, and I loved it!

Watching the slideshow and video of our day at the temple.
Our videographer filmed the morning and put together a
video so those who weren't at the temple could see where
we were actually married :).

Cutting the cake!  (We hit the cardboard
between the layers on accident at first
 which was embarrassing...but
not many people saw it I don't think)

We were nice to each other and not very messy...

If we're being honest, this was the part of the day I have been
looking forward to since I was a little girl.  Something about
the father of the bride dance just has always seemed so tender
to me--and it was. :)

They just look so happy, don't they?
 (p.s. don't mind my giant head, please)

It was so much fun dancing with everyone at the end of the night.  Such
great groomsmen ;).

Nailed the bouquet toss!

We didn't really ride off in this contraption, but it was a fun picture :)

Our venue gave us a limo ride to our hotel!  It was
a great end to a wonderful day :).


  1. just wanted to say that i'd love a wedding as beautiful and love filled as this one!!! so sorry i couldn't make it, but so glad that you and Dave are happily married and living real, post-college lives! :O!!!

  2. Love your post on this Erin. I can't believe it's coming up on a year already. Amazing what you guys have accomplished in that year, and it's only going to get better! Love you both!