Monday, June 20, 2011

My Life Right Now in a Nutshell...

1. I miss Provo...pretty much everything about it.
2. I am a current workaholic, hoping to earn enough to afford a study abroad next Spring to London. Wish me luck!
3. I am in the middle of possibly changing my career path--again.
4. I miss conducting choir every Sunday morning.
5. I miss my nieces more than anything.
6. I decided Chemistry is just not for me...and that's okay.
7. I am seriously depressed that the last and final Harry Potter movie will be released in less than a month. I feel like I am about to experience the end of my childhood/adolescence.
8. Everyone is getting married, therefore I am slightly obsessed with wasting time poring over potential wedding dresses, engagement rings, boquets, etc, just have no idea who the groom will be, but that's not a big deal, right? That'll come later...just a minor setback.
9. I absolutely love being home with my sisters, just missing Annie here :/
10. You can't beat California weather, seriously :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dang it...

...I had so many clever/possibly witty things I wanted to blog about, but at the moment, none come to mind...So we will have to settle for a slightly less intriguing story that may provide you with a moral for the day.

It was a dark and stormy night in Salt Lake City...just kidding...I honestly don't remember, I know it was night time, but I'd guess it was probably moderately warm and beautiful because this only happened a few days ago and we've had great weather here lately. So I went up to Salt Lake late one fateful night planning to finish my Mastering Chemistry homework.(the bane of my existence currently...) For those of you who are wondering, "What in the world is Mastering Chemistry?" Allow me to explain...It is the most ridiculously time consuming invention ever created for college Chemistry students. It does help us learn the concepts thoroughly, but only because we have to do an assignment every night, and each one takes about 1-2 hours. It's ridiculous. Anyway, so I figured I would get to Salt Lake around 10pm, and finish my homework before it was due at 12pm.( midnight pm? or am? I think a.m...) Reasonable, right? Well it would have been, except karma attacked me whilst I was attempting to finish it.

Time out for explanation...Every single Mastering Chemistry problem (and there's a lot) can be found on the internet. For each question, someone somewhere has always posted it to a chat board and received help to find the right answer. I resort to this method of finding solutions when I am completely and hopelessly lost as to what to's foolproof. Never fails me. Possibly cheating? I don't really think so because on homework you're allowed to use any resources you want, as long as you learn the concepts.

Back to the story...So as midnight was drawing near and my computer was threatening to turn into a pumpkin (or something like that), I got stuck on a problem and resorted to the "Yahoo! Answers" boards to find my solution. Unfortunately, I clicked one that looked legit, but turned out to be infected with a virus. As I realized that I had about 25 minutes to finish the rest of my hour long assignment, my computer started to tell me I needed to do all sorts of things. My home screen no longer resembled my home screen. It had lots of little threatening pop-up boxes. A fake scanner started running and looking back on it now, I guess this is when it was wiping out all the documents on my computer...unfortunate...

Luckily, Jim had done the same thing recently to his computer, so Christi knew the anti-virus solution. They helped restore my computer and there was basically no harm done...Except that now I am afraid to ever cheat on a homework assignment ever again. And all my pictures and documents have disappeared off my hard drive :(

So there ya go...lesson for the day...just do the work, don't try to cut corners on your homework. It's really not worth all the stress of a computer-life-threatening virus on your hard drive.

-The End-