Friday, February 22, 2013

Thoughts on Senioritis...

Yesterday on my 2 and a half hour drive home from Logan, I was moved to tears with gratitude for my life.  I couldn't have imagined I'd be doing what I am today 5 years ago, but I'm so grateful that I'm here.  I never would have thought I'd be accepted to a Master's program--let alone in Marriage and Family Therapy.  I never would have thought I'd have married someone so amazing already and be living in a house in Provo.  (Believe me...I didn't think I'd ever own a house in PROVO.)  But surprisingly, I have come to love it.

I think sometimes I let life bog me down, and it's hard to get out from under all the suffocating details to appreciate the good things all around me.  I've been feeling like I'm living these two separate lives lately...  

~ In one life, I'm an aspiring Literature guru and working on my writing and analyzing skills.  I'm trying to graduate with good grades, please my professors, and learn as much about Shakespeare and Moby Dick as possible before I have to leave BYU. 

~ In my other life, I'm an aspiring Marriage and Family Therapist.  I get sent to conferences in Logan that are all paid for so I can be certified in Couple Education courses.  English classes don't really matter anymore as I'm not going to be a writer, editor, or teacher.  My grades are pretty much arbitrary as I'm already accepted into this other program.  And I try to stop myself from analyzing every single person I meet and their respective relationships. 

Both lives are great (both favorites!), I'm just struggling to find the healthy balance between the two for this last semester.  I guess the bottom line is that I'm suffering from a serious case of senioritis, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  :)


  1. Soooo....can we just make a deal right now, today, that you won't analyze your family members? Please????:)

  2. Haha well I never analyze to people's faces...