Monday, September 2, 2013

August 2013...

Things we did this August to commemorate Summer's end and our 1st year of marriage:

1.  Dave's long-time friend and best man at our wedding, Tim, came to visit and he and Dave went on a small backpacking trip up to the Uintas to camp and fish.  They hiked in a float tube and a pump with no shame!  Caught a few fish, but mostly just loved soaking in the beauty of nature and their time away from real life.  Tim's in a PhD program at Georgia Tech so it's good for him to get a break once in a while.  It was a blast to have him here with us and we can't wait 'til next year's adventure!

2.  Celebrated Annie, Jeremy, and Tim's August birthdays at our house with three different cakes!

3.  Annie and I went to 7 peaks with the Highams and had a blast swimming with these cute girls.

4.  Got together with Dave's grandparents Rackham (who live pretty far from us) and his Rackham side of the family for a great dinner together one weekend.

5.  Went on a double date with the McKee's to Texas Roadhouse which we've been trying to plan for MONTHS so it was nothing short of a miracle that it actually happened!  We love Maddy and Jordan and are sure glad they moved in the ward when we did.  It's nice to have another couple in the same place in life as us.

6.   Celebrated our 1 year anniversary by spending the weekend in Park City and then coming home on Saturday to meet Caleb James, the newest member of the Higham (and Penrod) family!!  He was born on our wedding anniversary!!

7.  Bought a used '97 Ford F150 from our friends the Olsens because Dave's car is about to die and they were incredibly generous with us and made it affordable.  I think Dave's in love.

8.  Finally finished painting the rest of our house (all the bedrooms are done!) in time for our new carpet to come!  Our house finally feels clean because the nasty old carpet is gone!  And I must say it is beautiful :).

9.  Helped move Jeremy and Sierra to a new apartment, helped move Annie and Russ to a new apartment, and had people help us move all of our furniture in and out of the house for the carpet to come.  And helped Emma move all of her stuff and some new furniture into her apartment.  It was a crazy couple of weeks of physical labor.

10.  Hosted Corinne and Emma (my younger sisters) at our house as Emma moved into my old apartment on Condo Row for her last semester here at BYU before her mission!!

11.   Had my old roommate from sophomore year in said apartment^^, Rachel, come stay with us at the same time while she was visiting her boyfriend Noah who's at Law School up here right now.  She had to stay on the inflatable mattress because my sisters had the bedroom which was sad, but hopefully there will be many more visits and she can use the real bed next time!

12. Said goodbye to everyone as my Mom, Dad, Emma, Corinne, and Rachel all left today to head back to California and started mentally preparing ourselves for school to start all over again.

It's been a great month full of family, friends, sunshine, and all things that make life beautiful.  And even with all the craziness, we feel pretty refreshed after summer break and ready to head back to school!  Wish us luck!

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