Saturday, August 6, 2011

And They Lived Happily Ever After...

Crazy. My brother's married! My only brother. I'm so happy, and I love his wife :) Wow, Sierra, is that so weird? You're a wife! haha. I'm sure they're gonna be just crazy busy moving Jeremy in and recovering from the wedding and everything, so I just wanted to post a few pictures of the wedding and let them know how great everything was :) We love you guys!

Sierra was so stunning and beautiful when they were coming out of the temple and Jeremy was just beaming from ear to ear. The Denver Temple was absolutely gorgeous as well of course!

I just love this one. Props to Mom for taking it. What a beautiful day, right? I think they look so so so happy here it's great :)

What a fun group! Of course these aren't the best pictures. We're excited to see what the actual photographer got!

The Fam Bam!!

They kept the rustic theme up by using clothespins to clip their engagements and her bridals to a cute little wooden ladder. So adorable :)

The Cake!

Their centerpieces were so awesome! Complete with sheet music, books, flowers, silhouettes of the bride and groom, and beautiful flowers :) The perfect explanation of Jeremy and Sierra.

Yes, yes they are Mr. and Mrs. Penrod <3

Cutting the cake :)

Tori Loves her Aunt Sierra. Isn't she so cute? (both of them...)

The first dance. <3 This is definitely one of my favorite pics of the night. Don't they look so in love?

I can't tell you how many pictures we have of Jeremy in this exact pose with his trumpet. We all enjoyed hearing him improv a bit with the live band towards the end of the night.

The bouquet toss...Sierra did so well. She threw it far enough and right to the middle. Perfect!

I thought the rose petals were a beautiful touch, much cleaner than soapy bubbles. But I think we caught Jeremy a little off guard.

So that gives you the general idea of their reception. It was really such a beautiful night only made better by being able celebrate with two people so in love and happy to be married. I'm so excited for Jeremy and Sierra!! I was going to post a bunch more pics of my family and my nieces (of course...), but it is pretty late and I think I need some sleep. Hopefully I'll be back with more (as if 20 pictures aren't enough, right?).

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