Wednesday, November 7, 2012

This is real life...

I know meta-blogs aren't super interesting to read...but I just needed to write about my London experiences a little bit before I could move on to today's reality.  So now I am determined to keep up with our lives on here as best I can.  I don't promise to be funny, witty, or clever, (yes, those are all pretty much synonymous, I know) but people tell me we'll look back on these days and wonder what happened with our time, so I want to have a record of it.

The problem with trying to record reality is that you have to pick a starting point...Do I start from the day we got married?  The honeymoon?  Start of school?  Moving into the house?  Last month? Last week?  Yesterday?  There's so much.  I just don't know what to do.

I think I'll opt out of the honeymoon...We were in Hawaii, it was incredible?  A generous gift from my parents.  Enough said?

Start of School?  What is there to say...We didn't have a place to live so our first night back in provo was spent in a hotel and I almost slept through the first day of classes I was so tired from driving from California.  But now school is amazing.  Some of the best classes I've ever taken at BYU.  And Dave is struggling to survive with his PhD program and full-time MTC working.  It's taken some time, but we finally figured out that we actually have to do homework at home...We can't just come home and eat dinner and watch TV or work on the house all night.  So now life is better and much more under control.

Our House :)  Can I just say we love our house?  Dave picked it and I didn't even get to see it until after we were married.  He did so great.  It's little and right by the Utah Lake.  We'll probably be there through Dave's whole PhD program.  We are more than excited to paint it as it is seriously lacking that "sparkling clean" feeling.  And we spent the first month of our marriage mostly in furniture stores of furniture runs checking KSL couches and tables out.  At this point, we are done with the inflatable mattress, successfully have normal people furniture, and we love all of it :)

I don't remember the first month to be honest...I think it was traumatizing to be thrown into a real neighborhood with kids and adults and no one in between.  But we have come to really love our ward.  We have yet to make good relationships with our neighbors, but if Halloween spirit and Christmas Lights are any indication of how great our street is, I have high hopes for the future :)
Keep in mind these went up November 1st...
Last week...Let's see...Dave got a concussion (doing laundry of all things), we had a late night ER visit to make sure his head was not bleeding.  This happened only 7 days after he surgically had his deviated septum fixed, of course...No big deal.  I have just been loving my cooking class so whenever I have extra time I am cooking, experimenting, or baking.  My top ones last week were cinnamon rolls and wheat bread with honey butter--Which, I'm proud to say, my family said was delicious.  (I didn't eat more than two bites...I'm not a huge fan of wheat steps?)

I am loving school and turned in an ORCA grant last week.  Working with my professors on finishing my application for BYU's Marriage Family Therapy program.  Really despising my research I embarked on this semester.  I think I'm just spoiled with my English professors.  I always feel so mind-blown when I leave class...This social science research and professor is slightly lack-luster comparatively., I fail at short blogs.  I just can't do it, I'm sorry!  But now I feel mostly caught up, so they should be shorter from here on out.  :)

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  1. Keep up the great blogging Erin. I love reading about your lives. And it will be a precious record for you later on--way to go!!:)