Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Life Update for April...

I'm sorry I haven't blogged in like 2 months!  A lot has happened, and we had family staying with us for almost the entire month of April, so we're going to attribute my blogging failure to that :).  So I last left off with my rant about Shakespeare, and it turns out that that ended up being my Senior Thesis.  Obviously it was better and more fully fleshed out.  I actually got an A on it (miracle) and my professor wants me to present it at a few conferences!  I'm stoked about it :).

Dave and I both had finals in April while his dad, mom, and sister stayed with us to see me graduate.  They were all already here for his sister's graduation from Idaho the previous week, and just decided to stay another week for mine!  They were so incredibly helpful the whole time they were here.  Thanks to them we now have a light in our pantry, all of our outlets are tight and actually hold plugs (yay!!!), our living room is all painted, our hallway including door frames is fully painted, all of the ceilings are painted except in the bedrooms, and our baseboards and crown are puttied, caulked, and painted!  It was amazing that while Dave and I were at school and work studying for finals, his family was just slaving away helping us work on our house.

Old carpet...you can't see the duct tape holding the carpet together, but it's there, believe me.  

We also finally got new carpet in our family room and I am absolutely in love with it...The carpet we have in the house right now is pretty horrific.  It's got stains all over it and is basically ripping up where it meets the tile.  You could kind of compare how it feels to walking on the plastic-y side of velcro.  It's pretty not soft on your feet.  Unfortunately, carpet's expensive so we could only swing new carpet in one room, so we chose the family room.  Now I feel like I'm walking on clouds--clean clouds!!  It's been an amazing addition to the room.  That coupled with our new curtains actually makes our house feel like a home.

This was taken using the iPhone's panoramic feature.  The carpet obviously looks better vacuumed, but I took this right after it was put in.

So that was April...next came graduation!!!

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