Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Our Fridge Is Massive...

So our fridge is huge.  Like, if you come over to our house you'll see that it sticks out into the middle of the kitchen because it's so big there isn't enough room to open the door if it's pushed all the way back to our wall.  It's huge, and Dave resents that, but I love having so much space in there for everything so I still love it.

Fridge and oven pulled out to make room.
We got our oven delivered yesterday and it was perfect!  I loved it and was so excited to see it under the new microwave.  Unfortunately, when the guys went to slide it in its place, it didn't fit.  It was about 1/8th of an inch too wide on the top so we couldn't make it fit between our fridge and countertop.

I just about had a heart-attack, until one of the guys suggested we take the baseboard off of our wall and push the fridge over as far as it would go.  We hoped that'd give us about 1/2 an inch which would be more than enough to make the oven work.

So we set to work pulling the fridge out and making a space large enough for Dave and a few small tools to fit behind it.  He started hammering a flathead screwdriver into the baseboard and it popped right off after a few minutes.

When we pushed the fridge back in it didn't sit quite flush with the wall on the side so I was worried it still wasn't going to work and I was right.  We were still over by about 1/16th of an inch.  Luckily, we were able to simultaneously force the fridge to the right while shoving the oven in it's space just long enough to get it securely between the fridge and counter.  After that it was easy.  We just slid it back far enough that the top of the oven had the space that it needed against the wall and we were golden.

We absolutely love it!!  Our fridge looks way out of place now since we have all stainless steel appliances, but I love it and we didn't have to pay for it, so I have no qualms about keeping it as long as I can.  I can see Dave sabotaging it to get our appliances to all match though--the white mixed with stainless might be too big of a test for his OCD...I'll keep you posted ;)

Notice the fridge dominating our kitchen.

Um...coolest glass top ever, yes?  You can SEE the coils underneath!

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  1. Love it Erin! Wish you'd just get rid of that fridge finally!