Sunday, July 14, 2013

LOST Update...

Well, my last post left off with quite a cliffhanger about whether or not I was going to enjoy LOST.  So I'm here to report that I did enjoy it; but I only got about halfway through Season 1 before I started having nightmares.

I've had really horrific nightmares (maybe they're actually night terrors) for about 6 years now, but they got a lot better when I got married.  I stopped watching scary movies and TV shows, and I started sleeping cooler and they almost disappeared.  When I woke up screaming bloody murder at my family's vacation last week and almost gave Dave a heart-attack, however, I figured I needed to stop watching shows about freaky islands with evil things that kill people almost every episode.  So, unfortunately, I've had to leave Sawyer, Kate, and Jack behind for the moment and hope that someday in the future I'll be braver (or my subconscious will chill out) and pick them up where I left off.

The end.

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