Thursday, June 27, 2013


Our cable box died a few days ago so I was left with only Netflix to run in the background of my completely silent house and decided to start LOST because I'd never watched it before.  But I don't get it, what's so great about it?  Admittedly, I'm only about 6 episodes in...but it's so boring.  Literally nothing has happened in 240 minutes except there's a monster on the island, a nameless character who was created solely so he could die died, and they found fresh water.  Am I missing something?  Tell me it gets better...


  1. Ah! Boring? I can't understand that adjective in relation to Lost! Stupid? Wildly unlikely? Absurd to the point of frustration? All yes, but its still so gosh darn interesting.

    As with any show, getting to know the characters makes it better. Give it a few more episodes and tell me you don't love Sawyer or Kate.

  2. One Christmas I had started Lost and got fed up with it and then knowing that I would end up watching all 10 seasons. I ended up just looking up what would happen in the end.