Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm obsessed...

So...I kinda can't get enough of my nieces :) I'm so lucky I get to live just 35 minutes away from them so I can visit pretty much anytime I want! My professor cancelled class today so I decided to spend the day in Salt Lake with Christi and the girls. They are just so cute! Tori and I had a fun day playing together, while Riley had her fill of spitting up on me and flashing me huge smiles...It was so much fun...I didn't want to leave!

I know no one cares about pictures of them as much as me (and possibly my immediate family who are deprived right now), but I just needed to post some of the pictures we took today! Enjoy!

This is Riley Shae Higham^^ She's about 6 months now and just starting to babble. She's known for holding her own bottle, but dropping it when she gets too excited about eating, smiling all the time, and drooling like nobody's business.
Also, I love her :)

This is Tori Annette Higham^^ She's about 2 and a half years old. (How are you supposed to write that? 2.5? 2 1/2? two and a half?) Anyway, she discovered that the iPhone has a camera on both sides so she could be taking pictures while she saw herself! I found her having conversations with herself in the camera more than a few times :) We played a game where she tried to copy my faces. I was pretty impressed!

We played at the park!

She let me curl her hair and for the rest of the day she couldn't stop saying, "See my hair? It's curled!". Also, she enjoys walking in big people's shoes for some reason...

These pictures don't do lunch justice. We a blast making faces for about 20 minutes while she ate and we practiced all the sign language words I've been teaching her (mom, dad, chocolate, thank you, candy, you know...the important ones...) and she kept throwing her hands up saying "delicious!" (a recent addition to her vocabulary).

I just love these girls so much and I am so happy whenever I get to spend time with them. I have loved living so close and we're finally to a point where Tori can pronounce "Aunt Erin" (which is a big's hard to say apparently). I feel blessed to have such beautiful little girls in my life :) And a sister who always lets me come visit whenever I want. It's simply the best!


  1. :) this made me miss them soooo much
    p.s. I love tori's hair :)

  2. thanks for posting the pics. What a great post! And yes, we are completely jealous!!!