Thursday, January 10, 2013

Little House on the Provo Lake...

By the time my parents arrived on Monday morning, we had successfully finished our bathroom tile makeover and we were in love with it.  There was no grout as the mortar had to dry still.  The few tiles at the end that we had to cut with a little tile cutter Dave's dad let us borrow were full of chips, but at least the whole floor was covered. :)  And grout hides everything, right?

Turns out it actually does...lucky us :)

My family was quite impressed and surprised by our new fancy tile (fancy meaning...from Lowe's and eyeballed to make sure we had straight lines when we laid it...), and we were stoked by their christmas present to us, new vanities!!  Our old vanities were extremely well worn...and to be frank...disgusting.  I think my dad called it "Schmutzy"?  Something like that...something he wouldn't want to live with.

In addition to the bathroom changes, we also painted the family room and kitchen walls and put crown molding up.  My dad is quite the handyman, so he helped teach Dave and I how to do the crown ourselves so we can finish in the rest of the house, and my sisters, Jim, my mom, and I worked on painting the main rooms and the ceilings.  Now we have soothing cool beige eggshell (sp?) walls, and white flat ceilings and we are in love with it.  The crown is my favorite though, besides our bathroom.  It just makes everything look so nice.  I can't wait until we can officially finish everything so there are no traces of half-caulked or half-painted walls left.

I couldn't believe how selflessly my family gave up their Christmas Breaks to help us with our house.  Emma and Corinne died a few days in, but before they quit, they helped a ton!  Mom and Dad never quit, which I don't understand since Mom was sick at the time.  I was just overwhelmed with gratitude for my family and their help.   We also celebrated a second Christmas with my family this week one night which was a blast.  Thanks Mom and Dad and Christi for hosting!

So everyone left after a fun night of Noodles and Co. and Australia (a super long, and super great movie we all love).  We were sad to see them go, but stressed about getting our house back to functionality before the semester started.  We spent the weekend recovering with sleep from the week of hard labor and started Monday classes refreshed and excited (not really...).

Thanks everyone for your help with the house!  It looks beautiful!  HOpefully when I get out of class I can put pictures up.  (Yes, already blogging during the second day of class...)  I'm a senior, cut me some slack...

Oh...and...Last night I found out I am getting an INTERVIEW on February 4th with BYU's Marriage and Family Therapy Master's Program!!!!!  I'm so relieved and excited!  Pray for me and wish me luck!

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