Thursday, January 24, 2013

So I Sew...

So...I'm taking a sewing class this semester.  It's fun.  Except it's crazy, too.  In retrospect, I probably should have taken this class when I wasn't going to succumb to extreme senioritis.  Apparently, the 6 hours of class a week isn't enough and we are expected to spend an extra 10 hours in the sewing lab on week nights to finish our projects.  Now, these projects aren't exciting in the least.  We are working on pajama pants right now (takes me back to my 9 year-old days at JoAnn's sewing classes with Annie...), which is great, but in addition to the pants, we have about 3 little "samples" a week.  These are little 6x6 squares of simple fabric where we practice different stitches, seam finishes, hems, surging, etc.

I think it's great that we're learning these techniques and skills, but really?  My whole project isn't going to be ruined if one of my stitches is uneven...They're like nazis around here!  I think someone told the School of Family Life that they needed to make their grading standards harder (apparently there were too many A's going out), and I'm feeling the repercussions.  Thankfully I have my own sewing machine at home so I get a little bit of freedom without the crazy sophomore TA's breathing down my back.  

Sorry, I'm sitting in my Myths, Legend, and Folktales class right now.
The dragon seemed an accurate representation of my TAs.
Don't get me wrong; I loved my cooking class last semester, and I'm grateful BYU offers these classes to us, but I just feel like I've already seen enough tears and frustration in the first 2 weeks to know that some of these girls are going to drop the class and never pick up a needle and thread again--at least not for a long time.  I think because the people who take this beginning class are the types who are easily overwhelmed by crafty things, there's gotta be a better way to teach us...

Sorry, totally random rant, I apologize for that.  I really am liking sewing, just wish the class was less stressful.  

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  1. Sorry about the stress but its going to be so great in the end. You'll probably forget all your English classes but use this class the most!