Saturday, June 1, 2013

Camping in Provo Canyon...

We just got back this morning from a quick one-night trip to Provo Canyon where we camped and essentially did the same thing we did 2 weekends ago, except this time Sierra and Jeremy were able to come!  They actually found the campsite!  I can't tell you where it is because we aren't 100% sure it's actually legal and it's so awesome I want to keep it to ourselves ;).  It was like camping in a beautiful meadow with the river just a 30 second walk away.  Oh, and there was a random cement block conveniently in the middle of the spot.

Annie and Russ cooked bacon, pancakes, and eggs all on
this stove in the morning.  Such champs.

We tried to use our portable grill to help the cooking go faster
but all we got done was the sausage--it wasn't a stove.

I didn't take good pictures of the site, so this is the best you get. 

Craig making a fire while we made breakfast.


Oh yeah, and there was a snake slithering in
the grass when we lifted our tent up....nbd.

So Jeremy had to catch it.


  1. It's so beautiful there! Hope you weren't too cold. We,of course, are jealous we couldn't go with you. Glad you had fun.

  2. What a pretty spot! But that "concrete block" looks suspiciously like a "foundation." It's probably private property! Anyway, sure is a pretty place. Mom and I used to drive up Vivian Creek Road just to take a drive. I always thought a little cabin up that canyon would just be the best! Thanks for sharing.