Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dave's Birthday Again...

I think from the time we were born, Grandma Barfuss (my Mom's Mom) has always made it a point to make us fantastic, ornate birthday cakes for our birthdays.  She'll do one party every few months and then do multiple birthdays at the same time.  This time it was for Russ and Dave!  I wonder if she's ever gonna call it quits when the family gets too big...

Anyway, it was a delicious birthday with steak and chicken kabobs, fruit salad, a squash vegetable mix, and lemon and raspberry cakes to top it all off!  I'm just gonna photo-dump because everything was so delicious and beautiful.  Also, everyone was able to make it which was awesome!  Just missing the California family :/.  Also, I don't know what happened, but we're missing a pic of Annie and Russ.  They were there though!

Don't you love the watermelon napkins??
I took this at the very end, so it's all gone, but the lime-ade was great!
Kabobs, Vegetables, and Fruit Salad.

Sierra and Jeremy


Christi and Jim

Grandma and her sister, Nita

Adorable Riley "cheese"ing in the wrong direction.

Lemon cake for Russ

Raspberry Cake for Dave.

It was divine!
"What?  Why can't I finish 3 other people's
cakes after eating my own?"



***I know I post about these girls so often it seems like they're my own daughters, but they're not.  They're my nieces.  Just FYI :)  They're Christi and Jim's adorable daughters.***

And sorry the format is so weird.  I'm way too lazy to figure out how to fix it right now.  

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  1. So nice of Grandma Barfuss to have everyone over--glad you guys can get together once in awhile. Jealous though. Really jealous.