Saturday, June 1, 2013

Memorial Day 2013...

Usually I'm home in California for Memorial Day because I generally take springs and summers off to work at home.  Our family generally does the whole barbecue, pool, and sometimes fireworks on Memorial Day thing, but this year I obviously didn't go home (seeing as I'm married and all...) so I was a little sad.  Luckily, Christi and Jim generously gave Dave the grill they hadn't used yet from our grandparents for his birthday!  We were so excited and after a couple days of scraping, soaking, hosing down, and eventually giving up and just buying some new parts, we had a fully functional barbecue!

We invited everyone over for Monday night hamburgers and hot dogs and it was a blast.  Dave made these Bleu Cheese Burgers and he said they were great, but needed more cheese.  The barbecue worked great!  We were stoked about it and also slightly relieved.  

Christi, Jim, Tori, Riley, Jeremy, Sierra, Annie, and Russ were all able to make it so it was a great night with great food, a little bit of relaxing in the sun, stovetop s'mores, and a couple rounds of Bang! to finish the night off. (Bang! is Jim's favorite card game...and I don't actually know if the exclamation point is supposed to be there or not...)  Enjoy the pictures!

Watermelon, deviled eggs, and an assortment of burger fix-ins. 
Not pictured:  Potato Chips, Pink Lemonade and Water,
and Christi's delicious pasta salad is just barely cut off here.  

Probably the ugliest deviled eggs I've ever made,
but they were still delectable!

Bleu Cheese on the left, Dave was so proud :)

The rest of us missed the memo about the green...

A little sunny...
Our oak kitchen chairs passed for outside
 chairs...we need to get a patio set. 

Just missing the girls and Jim :(

Riley was so so so cute!

Then we spontaneously decided to roast s'mores over the stove!  So good.

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