Saturday, June 1, 2013

To Write, Or Not To Write...

Isn't writing tough?  I don't mean the post-about-your-every-day-life writing.  Writing about deeper, meaningful, real things.  I've been told time and time again that I surprise people with my writing when I have something to be passionate about.  (I guess the caveat here is that when I'm not passionate I'm just not that great of a writer...haha) I just read through a few old blog posts and I can definitely see it.  My best writing is when I'm writing because I desperately need an outlet for my emotions.

At the camping trip this weekend, we talked about how the blogosphere has turned into a big, fake, competitive place to make lots of fake, competitive friends and pretend your life is more exciting or instagrammable than the next girl (or guy).  Such a shame, really, when I think about why I started my blog.  I was in a serious rut a few years ago.  I needed help.  I was depressed (not clinically, but mildly) and missing my best friends on missions and needed a place to express my thoughts and emotions.

This blog did so much for me.  It completely transformed the way I looked at the world.  All of a sudden, I was looking for things to be happy about so I could write something positive.  I wanted to put my best self forward for the world to see, and I'll admit it was not one bit about becoming a better writer.  It was all about seeing the little things everyday and realizing why life was beautiful.

As that part of my life passed, though, I started to care a lot more about my writing.  I don't like posting about mundane things that don't make people think.  Unfortunately, what start out as aspiring ideas and concepts for my blog usually turn into "I just have enough time and/or energy to photo dump and do a bit of journaling so we remember our lives in a few years".

I'm sad that I don't have better things to write about, but recently I've thought that maybe I can change that.  I've learned so much already just this summer about relationships, family theories, and emotional skills that have been proven to predict marital satisfaction.  And the coolest part is that they can be learned, practiced, and implemented at any point in your life.  They will always help!  I'm thinking I might start a new blog where I can write about all the fascinating concepts I come across and my thoughts about them so I remember them in two years when I graduate and start doing therapy completely on my own.  What do you think?  Is that pretentious?  Or would that be something interesting to read?  Maybe I'll just make it private so only I can see it but I'll still have an archive somewhere, you know?

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