Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Can School Just Start Again Please...?

As much as I've tried to motivate myself the past few weeks, I am so inescapably and perpetually bored out of my mind right now.  I feel like I have gone full steam for 4 solid years and this is the first summer I've ever had where I'm not working or taking classes full time.  Don't get me wrong, I'm still taking some classes, and I'm working a little bit doing research, but I can't even believe how much free time I'm still left with.  What do people do all day?!

Accomplishments so far:

- Completed three seasons of Arrested Development, and am well into the fourth.
- Discovered a new nature show called North America on the Discovery Channel on Sunday nights.
- Read lots of articles about attachment styles and attachment behaviors.
- Spent hours being pensive about potential thesis options. (No physical results to show for it)
- Successfully filled the next two months of musical numbers for our ward's sacrament meetings.
- Started a new blog about marriage and family therapy.
- Committed to living within a smaller budget, discovered that's great way to feel like a failure, so made the budget a little bigger after repeated failed attempts.
- Finally hung curtains and some wall art in the living room!!
- Read 4 Harry Potter books before I burned out.
- Made numerous trips up to Salt Lake for doctor's appointments (not pregnancy appointments).
- Scheduled minor surgery for a month from now.
- Learned some basic stats from Dave for my program.
- Gone camping twice (once in horrific weather, once in great weather)
- Rediscovered the TV show Friends since it seems to never stop playing during the day.
- Seen every great movie that's come out in the past month (hence the budget disaster).
- Sewed 2 princess costumes for my nieces and visited them so much they're sick of me.
- Spent some much-needed quality time with the sun at the pool with Annie and sometimes Russ too.
- Listened to "Scream-Free Parenting" on CD and had a hard time agreeing or disagreeing with it.
- Started learning how to code from an online course.

So when I write them all out it's not that bad.  If you sort of squint and look at it funny, you can find some truly productive things in between all the TV splurging, movie watching, and pool-going, right?  I just wish I had more to show at the end of my day.  I'm used to papers and projects non-stop.  I can't really get a handle on this whole "life after graduation" stuff.  I guess it's a good thing I still have two years before I have to really master it...

Also...The Bachelorette is a lot more addicting when you're bored...who knew?


  1. You are too funny Erin. I'm enjoying watching you squirm! And you'd better watch out--it won't be long before you will by "dying" to have your free time back. For the rest of your life to boot!

  2. Seriously, Fawn is right. If you're bored, walk around the corner to my house. I've got three kids who'd love to entertain you! ;) And I love all of the Bachelorette-type smut on tv because I just really want people to find a great person to share their lives with like I have.
    -Kimberly Pueblo

  3. I hear you, Erin, I HEAR YOU! This was last summer in a nutshell. Um... Start a novel? Also, I love your new blog, but I never feel smart enough to comment on it haha.

  4. YOU STARTED LEARNING HOW TO CODE??? I'm so excited!!! Hows it going???